November 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Peace! This November Newsletter is a little late off the start, but it is here nonetheless! There are some big things planned for this month all around, so we hope you’ll be able to join us for them! First, however, check out the cool stuff we did in October.

Some noteworthy youth activities to look back on from October include the completion of Life Teen’s Ex Tenebris Lux series, which was a four part series focusing on God’s self-revelation in Sacred Scripture. The last two parts of the series were on the progression of the Old Testament Covenants, and on the centrality of Jesus to our understanding of Scripture. We were happy to have Fr Jan join us for the last Life Night of the series, in which he spent some time talking to the teens and ended the night by blessing them with the Book of the Gospels!

We’ve been continuing the theme of Sacred Scripture, with last weeks Life Night focusing on the Psalms. Since we were talking about music, Life Teen had a little party, complete with a song lyric challenge (that the teens were very focused on, as you can see ->)

In other activities this month, the Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys were preparing for their apostolic service projects – which will come to fruition in this month! The Girls are working on a Chari-Tea Project, in which they will invite their mom’s for a night of tea and appreciation. The Boys are promoting Holy Trinity’s Traveling Shrine of Our Lady, and will be inviting parishioners to be involved and join them for Mass to start off the Traveling Shrine.

Holy Trinity also had its second Junior High Mega Night, which will be giving youth in grades 7&8 an opportunity to spend time together, and dive into Archbishop Richard Smith’s Pastoral Letter on the Word of God.

As for November, our programs will be having some really big and exciting events this month! The Challenge Girls’ and Conquest Boys’ apostolic projects will be coming to a climax this month, with the Boys’ Mass for the Traveling Shrine and the Girls’ Chari-Tea Party with their honoured guests. Both of those events will be on November 22nd.

Life Teen will be starting and ending its month with some regular Life Nights, which both bring Scripture to the teens. In between those nights, however, are some pretty big Life Teen events.

First off, Sunday November 12 will be Life Teen’s third ever Clue Night. The Clue Nights have been evenings of food, fun, skits, and mystery! As in years past, the core leaders will be in character as the suspects of a murder investigation, which the teens are tasked with solving! In the last Clue Night, our talented writer, Angela, turned our game into a “Murder in the Middle Ages”, complete with kings and princes! It was a lot of fun (as you can see to the left!) This time around she has re-imagined the usual Clue characters – giving us Mr. and Mrs. Burgandi rather than Ms. Scarlet, and Mrs. Nightingale rather than Mrs. Peacock. Teens, make sure to check out this really awesome Life Night!

The other big event that Life Teen has this month isn’t a Life Teen event. It’s the Fall SEARCH Retreat in St Albert on November 17th-19th. SEARCH is a completely unique retreat experience for youth aged 15 and up. It is a “search for Christian maturity” and is perfect for any youth seeking to grow in their faith. Holy Trinity Parish will be sending a group of teens to retreat that weekend, so if you or your youth have never been to a SEARCH, we highly recommend it. You can check out the information on the youth bulletin board at the back of the church.

November has other fun youth stuff planned, including another HT Young Adults meeting, and our monthly Junior High Mega Night. There will be a few visits to the grade 7&8 students at St Thomas Aquinas and St John Paul II schools as well, so look for us there! Otherwise, check out the full calendar for this month’s activities below! God bless you and your family this November!

November 2 – HT Young Adults
November 5 – Life Teen: Tweeting #Jesus
November 8 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
November 12 – Life Teen: Clue Night
November 15 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
November 16 – Junior High Mega Night
November 16 – HT Young Adults
November 17-19 – St Albert SEARCH Retreat
November 22 – Challenge Girls Chari-Tea Project
November 22 – Conquest Boys Travelling Shrine of Our Lady Project
November 26 – Life Teen: Alive
November 29 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

Our parish’s youth ministry is desperately in need of volunteers, especially women. Our programs cannot run without volunteers of both genders and currently only three adult women have gifted their time to our youth ministry. Our female youth need women leaders and role models! It does not matter your age; all that matters is your desire to serve God’s youth. If you are interested, please contact the office.

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