December 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

December has arrived, and with it has some the season of Advent! As the Church prepares for Christmas, the Church’s youth also have activities to help them prepare! Check out this month’s December HTYouth Newsletter for info on what we’ve been up to and what we’re preparing to do!


The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys both had successful apostolic service projects in November. The Boys had Mass and prayed a Rosary for all of the families who had signed up for the Travelling Shrine. The Girls had an absolutely lovely tea party for their moms and special guests, including entertainment by some of the Girls on the piano, and a song of blessing from all of the Girls. Thank you Boys and Girls for your work on these projects!

The high-school youth had a busy month as well! We had our Clue Night, and many teens attended the SEARCH retreat in St Albert. Life Teen also started a new four-part life night series titled Alive and Dangerous. The series focuses on God’s call for us to live a life of love – leading to a life fully alive. In Alive, the first night in the series, the we talked about the Mystery of the Trinity, and that we are made from love, by love, to love. The series continues off of this theme in the three life nights in December.

In other November news, the Juniour High Mega Nights have been continuing to gather steam. For their meeting in November, the grade 7&8 youth learned about Adam and Eve through an interactive skit and a video from the late, great Fr Mike “Catfish” Mireau!


As for December, there are only a few plans for the month, with Christmas coming around the corner!

Life Teen will be continuing it’s previously mentioned Alive and Dangerous series. Overfed Yet Starving, the life night that just passed this weekend, was on the substitutes for God’s love that we accept in our lives. It drove home the point that only Jesus can truly fulfill us. To start, the teens had a time of true community and recreation playing a game of “dodge-sock”. We ended the night with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, giving teens the opportunity to be with the God that truly satisfies them.

The next two life nights in December are titled Counterfeit, and Dangerous. Counterfeit is a life night about the counterfeits to love, specifically to romantic love. As introduced in the first night of the series, we’ll discuss how the image of the Holy Trinity gives a real meaning and direction to our human sexuality. The last life night in the series, Dangerous, takes all of the lessons of the series and directs them to the final point. To live a life that doesn’t accept the substitutes or counterfeits to real love, is to live a life that is fully alive, and very dangerous to the status quo. We’ll talk about the persecution that the early Christians experienced, and the necessity of being ready to give your testimony for why you act the way you do.

Other than Life Teen’s three nights of the month, there are only a few more activities for December. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys have only one meeting this month! Since the parish Advent Penitential Service is on Wednesday December 13th, we would like to encourage the Boys and Girls to attend it with their families. Our meeting on Wednesday December 20th will be a Christmas Party! More details will be out later this week with info on this super fun event.

For its two meetings of the month, HT Young Adults is going to be starting a book study. As a group that is designed to be variable, with discussion nights, movie nights, and more, book studies are a great way that our young adult group can grow in faith and community. Our last book study was of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. This time around, the young adults have yet to final decide on a book, but Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and A Man Called Thursday by GK Chesterton are both in the running for the groups read!

Speaking of young adults, the World Youth Day Pilgrims are planning a “Parents Night Out” Fundraiser on December 9th. The idea, which is brilliantly simple, is to have an evening of pizza, games, and a movie at the parish for children. For a small donation, families will be able to let there kids have a fun night at the church, and give parents a free night out! There are registration forms at Holy Trinity on the youth board, and more information available there!

Finally, grade 7&8 youth are invited to this month’s Juniour High Mega Night on Thursday December 21st. As we’ve been going through the Old Testament covenants, this month’s meeting will be on Noah. Naturally, there will be animal crackers and an animal themed game.  More importantly, there will be an opportunity to learn about God and His promises to His people!

That’s what we’re up to in December! Holy Trinity’s youth ministry will be taking a break for Christmas at the end of the month. We’ll be back with more fun and faith-filled events for youth and young adults in January! Until then, check out our calendar of activities for the month. We hope to see you there!

December 3 – Life Teen
December 7 – HT Young Adults
December 9 – WYD Parents’ Night Out Fundraiser
December 10 – Life Teen
December 17 – Life Teen
December 20 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Christmas Social
December 21 – Juniour High Mega Night
December 21 – HT Young Adults

If you want to support Holy Trinity’s youth ministry, please pray about how you can be involved. It may be in prayer, or in volunteering, or in any other ways you can think of. Our ministry is so well supported at our parish, and we can only be grateful for the support we’re given.

As mentioned, there will be no youth events after Christmas until early January. We wish everyone a blessed Advent, and a merry Christmas. Peace!

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