January 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy New Year! And, since we are still in its season, Merry Christmas!

As Holy Trinity Parish returns from the holiday break, the youth office as well begins preparing for the many youth activities set for this month. Check out our January Newsletter for info on what we’re up to this month… and beyond!

First, however, we’re going to take a retrospective look at last month (and now last year). Stores may have boxed up all of the Christmas items, but since the liturgical season of Christmas is not yet finished, there’s no harm in looking back for us.

Challenge and Conquest took their Christmas joy to the Spruce Grove Central Park this December. The beautiful lights, skating, and hot chocolate set a wonderful scene for their Christmas party. The Boys’ and Girls’ enjoyed skating, games in the park, hot dogs, and each other’s company in a fun evening before Christmas. The mayor of Spruce Grove stopped by on the way to the arena to say hi and take a photo!

The grade 7&8 youth at the December Juniour High Mega Night enjoyed some Christmas fun as well, making ginger-bread bible scenes. They enjoyed games and learned about the importance of Christmas!

HT Young Adults also had a Christmas social night, with a potluck dinner and music. The young adults had lots of food, sang songs together, and enjoyed some community together. One of our regularly attending young adults, Jeremy, brought a surprise for everyone to try: a virtual reality game system! Young adults had an opportunity to strap on the goggles and “go to another world”. It was interesting to have your senses immersed in something completely different, though you could still hear the giggles of the others while you ran around the room.

Life Teen had a busy December, finishing up its Alive and Dangerous life night series. Three of the four nights in the series were in December; there were nights on the substitutes and counterfeits to love, and on the life of one living for love. In Counterfeit, our life night on the counterfeits to love, we had a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Teens had the opportunity to debate which is the best love song ever, and learned about the misconceptions the world has on romantic love.

In the next, and final life night of the series (and year!), we discussed the life that is lived for love. Dangerous, a night on holiness, encouraged the teens to live a life that is holy and therefore dangerous to the status quo. The teens had a lesson on St Stephen, who gave a testimony in the face of persecution, and wrote their own testimonies to be able to share when they found opportunities to.

Life Teen will complete its semester on Sacred Scripture this month in a fitting way. The life night, titled The Feast, is on the Book of Revelation and will cover some of the many points brought up in it. We’ll particularly discuss the importance that Revelation puts on the Mass. Ending with the Mass, one of our young people’s main sources of Sacred Scripture, seems like an excellent way to end a semester on the Bible!

For the rest of the month, Life Teen will be having its classic Stressbuster Nights! As with every exam time, (Sorry! I said the E-word…), Life Teen will make its goal to give teens a break from studying and relieve some exam stress. Both of those nights will end a half hour sooner than usual, to get the teens home in time for a proper sleep before any exams they may have. Join us for both of those strictly fun nights!

Between the Book of Revelation and exam prep, the teens will be doing lots of reading this month. They won’t be the only ones, though! HT Young Adults will also be doing some reading this month with their book study of GK Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday. Our meeting in December introduced the book, and the Christmas break has given our young adults time to read up. We’ll be starting discussion on the first four chapters in our upcoming meeting, so there’s definitely time for anyone to join us!

Challenge and Conquest will also have fun things to do in January! The Boys and Girls will be starting a new question and answer series for the three weeks of club meetings in January. The grade 7&8 youth also have another Juniour High Mega Night to look forward to this month, on the fourth Thursday of the month rather than the third Thursday. Youth are encouraged to check out both of those groups this month!

Finally, the time is now approaching to start SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS about our upcoming Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally on Saturday February 24th, 2018. Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to Something Beautiful for God, a full day of faith, fun, food, and more at our parish. Our speaker for the day is Father Mario Fernandes from the nearby Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre. Our parish has had a youth rally now for 15 years already, inviting youth from around the Edmonton area to join us. This 16th year is no different and is shaping up to be a great event for our youth to check out.

As with this and all of our youth activities, check out the youth board for forms and information!

January 11 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 1-4
January 14 – Life Teen: The Feast
January 17 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
January 21 – Life Teen: Stressbuster
January 24 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
January 25 – Juniour High Mega Night: God’s Covenant with Abraham
January 25 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 5-8
January 28 – Life Teen: Stressbuster
January 31 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

Youth Rally! Check out the information above, and grab a form from the youth board at the back of the church!

If you/your child is missing any registration forms for any youth ministry programs, please complete and return them as soon as possible.

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! Check out the information on the youth board on how to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

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