February 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

One month of 2018 is complete! If the months go by this quick, we’ll be finished 2018 in no time. Don’t worry, there are a lot of youth activities in store this month and ahead. We always make the time count!

Take last month for example: It may have seemed to go by quickly, but there were many fun youth events that were enjoyed!

Our parish’s young adults had two meetings in January, covering the first half of their book study. HT Young Adults has been reading GK Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, and will continue to do so for this month as well. The book turned out to be an interesting one, with fantastical chase scenes, interesting characters, and much to think about! We have certainly found that its sub-title ,”A Nightmare”, certainly makes sense!

Challenge and Conquest have also had a full month, as Club Meetings started the week students were back to classes. Our month was spent focusing on the question: “How do I have a relationship with God?” We were especially asked how we can know God when we can’t “see” Him. The answer to answer that question: the Sacraments! The kids talked about Reconciliation, Mass, and Adoration last month, and even had time to talk about Mary and the Rosary too!

Life Teen finished off its first semester in January, with The Feast, a life night on the Book of Revelation and the Mass. The night gave a great opportunity to focus on the importance of the Mass in our faith, and of reverence while in church.

The teens had “Stressbusters”  for the other two life nights in January, helping them relax during their exam weeks. The teens had loads of fun playing Minute to Win It games on January 21st! They moved cotton balls with their noses, blew ping-pong balls up tables, and kicked their shoes onto tables. In the photo example here, teens transported skittles by sucking them up with a straw: 

The teens enjoyed their “prize” even more, when they all had the opportunity to put whipped cream in their poor youth minister’s face. And hair. And nose. Yes, I do have video evidence.  Between Minute to Win It and the board game night the following week, the teens had loads of fun, there’s no doubt about that.

Onto February, our promise of a full month looks to be able to come true! As mentioned already, HT Young Adults will be finishing their book study this February. We’ll have one of our super fun Junior High Mega Nights this month, as well.

Since Lent begins on Wednesday February 14th (yes, that is also Valentine’s Day), Challenge and Conquest will be starting their Lenten series’ this month. Beginning on Wednesday February 21st, the Boys and Girls will be asking what Lent is, why mercy is important, and why Jesus had to die for our sins. For this Lent Series, they’ll be building up to a special apostolic project in March (more on that later)!

Life Teen will be starting its new theme as well this month. We’ll be kicking off the new semester on the Person of Christ with a giant board game of “Quelf”, followed by an opportunity to submit questions about Jesus that will be addressed in the semester. Following that will be a life night all about the existence of God and the historicity of Jesus. It seemed apt to begin a semester on the Person of Christ with a night about how we know He is real! We’ll talk to the teens about arguments for the existence of God, and equip them for discussion in a secular world of atheism. The last life night of the month will be a winter fun night at Spruce Grove Central Park. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys had so much fun with it in December, that it seemed like a great idea to take the older teens out for some fun in the snow as well!

With all of those groups’ meetings, it looks to be such a full month. But there’s more!

The 16th Annual Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally, Something Beautiful for God, is on Saturday February 24th! This day looks like it will equally as full as this entire month is set to be! There will be presentations by Rev Mario Fernandes OCD, from Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre. There will be Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. And if all of those beautiful things were not enough, there will also be food, music, games, skits, and so much fun to be enjoyed!

Our parish’s grade 7-12 youth will be joined by others from Edmonton and across central Alberta for this amazing day. Registration forms are still available, and the t-shirt deadline has just been extended, giving youth more time to submit their forms and receive a t-shirt! Otherwise, registration is open up to and including the day off the event.

So there, I think we proved it! February is set to be a huge month for our parish’s youth and young adults. As we prepare for and enter Lent this month, know that we are praying for our young people! I hope to see them join us this month. Check out the ministry dates below:

February 1 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 9-12
February 4 – Life Teen: Semester 2 Kickoff!
February 11 – Life Teen: The Existence of God and Jesus
February 15 – Junior High Mega Night
February 15 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 13-15
February 18 – Life Teen: Winter Fun Social Night
February 21 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
February 24 – Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally: Something Beautiful for God
February 28 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

If you/your child is missing any registration forms for any youth ministry programs, please complete and return them as soon as possible.

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