March 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

A little late to the punch, here is March 2018’s HTYouth Newsletter! As we continue the season of Lent this March, we will be working to draw our parish’s youth closer to God, and to the beautiful gift that He’s given us in His Son.

As February has now completed, it is with much excitement that we share what our youth did last month, and what we have to look forward to in March!

The beginning for February seems so long ago! Life Teen kicked off its  semester  with a gigantic game of Quelf. We turned part of the parish hall into a big game board for it, and watched the teens doing silly games and tasks all the way through it! Life Teen began its new theme on The Person of Christ by focusing first one how we know that God exists, and that Jesus was a real figure in history. After that, they enjoyed the snow as they went sledding and skating at Spruce Grove Central Park.

Challenge and Conquest had two Club Meetings in February, beginning their nights for this season of Lent. The boys and girls learned about Confession, God’s mercy, and the difference between justice and mercy. Our Junior High Mega Night in February also focused on Lent, with it being the day after Ash Wednesday. Our small group reflected on Jesus’ 40 days in the desert, and the Church’s call to fasting, prayer, and alms-giving.

Finally, Holy Trinity’s 16th Annual Parish Youth Rally was a huge success! We were joined by youth from around the Edmonton area, with a total of 104 youth at the event. Fr Mario led us in reflection, calling the youth to do something beautiful for God and “Go and do likewise,” (Luke 10:37).We spent our day playing games, eating great food, and participating in Confession and the Mass. We finally ended our day with those 100+ youth and young adults adoring our God in the Holy Eucharist. Mission accomplished.

As for March, there are more opportunities for our youth and young adults to pray and grow this Lent. (Even with the events we’ve already done in this first week!) As we continue the season of Lent in March, many of our youth activities will be focused on the “reason for the season” – prayer, fasting, and alms giving.

HT Young Adults enjoyed some fellowship for their first meeting of the month. They will be having another meeting on Thursday March 22nd, with an opportunity for service and prayer as a young adult community. We’ll be doing our last meeting for Lent as it should be done! Holy Trinity’s Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs will also be doing special service for Lent, as the Boys and Girls are preparing for their Lenten apostolic project on March 28th. This project is a “living” Stations of the Cross presentation for our families and parishioners. We will pray through the Stations of the Cross together at St John Paul II School, with the Boys and Girls presenting a silhouette tableau for each station.

There is another Junior High Mega Night this March. There will be games and fun, with the added bonus of learning more about God and His covenants! Youth in grades 7&8 are welcome to join us!

Life Teen has two life nights in March, with one past already. We are continuing our semester on the Person of Christ with Puzzled, a night on the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity and Emmanuel, a night on Jesus’ Incarnation and Hypostatic Union. With Puzzled already complete, the teens are looking forward to “Christmas in March”! We’ll have a Christmas tree with lights and presents, and delicious Christmas cookies. Since Emmanuel is our night on the incarnation, celebrated at Christmas, it just made sense. And who can say no to Christmas cookies! (Unless you gave up sweets for Lent…)

Life Teen will be doing something very special for Lent, as well. For this Palm Sunday, Holy Trinity’s Life Teens will be having their second ever Palm Sunday Vigil Retreat. We will be staying up all night praying and playing, and focusing on Jesus’ passion and death. The idea is for our youth to begin their Holy Week with intention! The teens will be living up to Jesus’ challenge to “Stay awake and pray…” (Mt 26:41), as the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed throughout the night.

Holy Trinity’s parishioners can join us in our prayer,too, since we’ll be starting our retreat with an Adoration holy hour directly after the 5 o’clock Mass. Youth, if you are interested, check out the registration form here:

All of our youth activities will be taking a break at the end of Lent. There is nothing we could do with our young people that would be better than what our Church celebrates at Holy Week and in the Triduum. We encourage all of our youth and young adults to attend these beautiful Masses. Check out the youth events calendar to make sure you don’t miss the events we are planning for this month!

March 1 – HT Young Adults
March 4 – Life Teen: Puzzled
March 15 – Junior High Mega Night
March 18 – Life Teen: Emmanuel
March 21 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
March 22 – HT Young Adults
March 24-25 – Life Teen’s Palm Sunday Vigil Retreat
March 28 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Apostolic Project

There will be no youth events during Holy Trinity’s Parish Mission from March 11th-14th. Check out the presentations by Fr Mario Fernandes OCD at the church!

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! It’s easy to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

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