April 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

‘Nuff said.

Coming out of Lent in March and into Easter was a build up of so much activity turning into peace. It’s like driving up a big hill and reaching the top to see the horizon; or hiking a mountain to reach the top and see the beautiful landscape. Lent has been building, and Easter is the top of the mountain.

This was certainly true for March’s youth activities. Life Teen‘s Vigil Retreat and the Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Stations of the Cross project had a lot of build up throughout Lent, and both of them were beautiful successes.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Stations of the Cross was a project they’d been preparing for a while. The youth were joined by their families as they lead prayer for each of the stations. This project was a “living” Stations of the Cross, and for each station the Challenge and Conquest kids presented a still silhouette tableau behind a sheet. They worked hard planning and preparing their scenes, and used them in a beautiful way to lead prayer.

Life Teen’s Vigil Retreat also had a lot of build up, and not just from the planning perspective. The teens shared in our excitement as we continually invited them to join us for the big night. There was a lot of joy and relief when fifteen teenagers successfully stayed awake for a whole night of games, prayer, and reflection. We began with Exposition at 6:15pm, and ended with Benediction at 8:15am. Ask the teens, and they’ll tell you they had loads of fun! Fr Joselito was able to bookend our retreat, and gave his congratulations to our youth for the challenge they accomplished.

From the top of the mountain, you can see the road ahead! April marks the beginning of the end, as we have just a few more months in the ministry year. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more excitement ahead of us!

Challenge and Conquest will be starting the last series of their year this month. For this last series the Boys and Girls will be asking: What Does it Mean to be Catholic? In the Club Meetings answering that question, the Boys and Girls will also each be preparing for another project! There will be more information on those two projects coming out soon.

In our other groups, there will be another Junior High Mega Night in April as well, meaning there will be another fun opportunity for youth in grades 7&8 to come to the parish hall and learn about God’s covenant’s throughout history! HT Young Adults will be having a variety of activities for their next few meetings. Their April 5th meeting is a time to share Easter joy over cookies and milk. The future of HT Young Adults will be decided shortly, but it will always mean lots of time for fellowship and formation.

With Lent complete, Life Teen is continuing its semester on the Person of Christ, beginning with [Censored] a life night series on the “controversial Jesus”. Our culture has a perception of Jesus, which many times decides to cut or censor aspects of His identity. Since Jesus is the full revelation of God, we need to fully understand who Jesus us – even the parts that make us uncomfortable! All of our life nights in April will be devoted to this series. We’ll look at Jesus’ relationship with the poor and outcast; as well as Jesus’ identity as the Divine Healer, persecuted Christ, and Christ the King.

Of important note, Life Teen on April 8th will be at 4:30pm, following the Divine Mercy Sunday Chaplet and Mass at 3pm. Come pray for Divine Mercy with the parish and join us for Life Teen afterward!

Finally, the World Youth Day Pilgrims are going to be having a BBQ Lunch and Auction fundraiser on Sunday April 22nd, from 12pm to 4pm. There will be food, entertainment, and an opportunity to support Holy Trinity Parish’s WYD Pilgrims (by getting cool stuff, no less!) Look out for more announcements about this exciting event!

April 5 – HT Young Adults
April 8 – Life Teen: Beggar (at 4:30pm)
April 11 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 15 – Life Teen: Exorcist
April 18 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 19 – Junior High Mega Night
April 19 – HT Young Adults
April 22 – WYD BBQ Lunch & Auction Fundraiser
April 22 – Life Teen: Criminal
April 25 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 29 – Life Teen: King

Life Teen’s Spring Retreat is on May 11th-13th at OLVC. Forms and information will be posted on the youth bulletin board very soon!

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! It’s easy to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

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