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Volunteer Opportunities for 2019-20

Life Teen Core is the backbone of Holy Trinity’s high school youth ministry. The Core Team serves the youth at Life Teen by planning life nights, giving teachings, and leading small group discussions. At the center of Life Teen are the relationships that Core members form with youth to lead them closer to Christ.

Life Teen is a program for teens in grades 9-12, meeting after the 6pm Mass on Sundays. In each life night, teens learn about different aspects of the Catholic faith and enjoy games and activities together.

The Challenge and Conquest Leaders Teams run Holy Trinity’s Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs. Each club is led by adult and teenaged leaders, acting as important role models for the younger boys and girls. Adult leaders are essential to the team: leading meetings, giving direction, and helping our youth to grow in virtue.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs are for girls and boys in grades 5-8. Each meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:15-8:00pm at St John Paul II Catholic School. At Challenge and Conquest, the girls and boys learn about their faith, play fun games, and work on apostolic service projects.

Confirmation Helpers assist with Holy Trinity’s confirmation program. These adult volunteers help at confirmation classes by ensuring a safe environment and assisting in other needs.

Holy Trinity’s Confirmation program prepares youth in grade 6 or older to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Information on confirmation classes is available at the parish office.

Catechism Teachers help at Holy Trinity’s catechism program. These volunteers teach children of different ages about the Catholic faith, and guide them through our parish’ catechism curriculum. These volunteers are essential to reaching everyone and passing on the faith.

Holy Trinity’s Catechism program is for children in Kindergarten through to Grade 6. These classes are meant to supplement a child’s religious education and serve our parish’s children who do not attend Catholic schools. Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 in the upstairs offices.

Children’s Ministry Leaders run Holy Trinity’s children’s ministry programs. Adult volunteers are essential to having a children ministry program: running, planning, and preparing programming. Adult and youth volunteers for these programs help to run games and give teachings.

Holy Trinity’s children’s ministry is for children aged 5-10, focusing on teaching children the basics of the faith and how to grow in virtue. The program aims to have a meeting once a month with games, crafts, snacks, and learning.

Questions? Want to share an idea?
Contact the office or our parish ministry coordinators

Holy Trinity Parish Office:
James Whyte, Youth Ministry:  
Beata Labentowicz, Catechism:

2019 Summer Ministry

Looking to stay involved with HTYouth this summer? We’ve got you covered! Holy Trinity Parish’s youth ministry will be having summer ministry events for our middle school youth, high school youth, and young adults this summer!

Chickakoo Lake Campfire

What better way to spend a Friday evening than to sit at the campfire? Holy Trinity’s young adults will have an evening of games, food and drink, and community around the fire!

  • Who? Adults aged 18-35
  • When? Friday July 19th at 6pm
  • Where? Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area

Games and Smash Tournament

Want to play some games and compete against your friends? Our high school youth are invited to an afternoon of board games and a much anticipated Super Smash Bros. Tournament!

  • Who? Youth entering grades 9-12
  • When? Saturday July 20th at 12pm
  • Where? Holy Trinity Parish (upstairs)

Water Fight

What would summer be without a water fight? Middle school youth can come beat the heat with a splashing good time outside the church. Bring your water guns and join the fun!

  • Who? Youth entering grades 5-8
  • When? Sunday July 21st at 12pm (after the 11am Mass)
  • Where? Holy Trinity Parish (outside)

Ultimate Frisbee

HTYouth is continuing the Ultimate Frisbee tradition at Jubilee Park this summer. We’ll have a casual game every second week for youth of all ages!

  • Who? Youth
  • When? Every second Wednesday at 6:30pm, beginning on July 3rd
  • Where? Jubilee Park (head to the big parking lot at the far end)

2018 Summer Youth Activities!

I hope your summer has been wonderful so far! If you haven’t already learned about HTYouth’s Summer Ministry Activities, check out all our fun plans!

Sunday Fun-Days!
Who?         Youth in grades 7-12
Where?      Holy Trinity Parish
When?       July 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th from 3:30 to 5:30pm
What?        Sunday afternoons of fun!
July 8th: Water Gun Fight    July 15th: Movie Time
July 22nd: Board Games        July 29th: Capture the Flag

Ultimate Frisbee
Who?         Youth and young adults
Where?      Jubilee Park
When?       Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30pm
What?        Drop-in Ultimate Frisbee games for youth of all ages! Join us at                           the far end of Jubilee Park, behind the hill. All are welcome!

Life Teen Unleashed
Who?         Teens in grade 9-12
Where?     St Martin de Porres Room
When?       Wednesdays from 1 to 3pm
What?        Life Teen’s Unleashed Missionary Discipleship group is for                                    mature teens seeking to become better disciples of Christ. We’ll                          have discussion and dive deep into personal prayer!

HT Young Adults Lord of the Rings Movie Nights
Who?          Adults aged 18-35
Where?       St Martin de Porres Room (or maybe the park)
When?        Friday evenings from 5:30-9:30pm (six sessions, beginning July)
What?        HT Young Adults will be having some movie nights, alternating                           between watching The Lord of the Rings (extended editions, of                             course) and discussing the religious lessons to be learned in                                   them. We’ll eat and watch/talk!

Special NoteDive In
Apart from Holy Trinity Parish’s own youth events, the Office of Vocations and a group of Catholic youth ministers are having their 3rd Dive In Catholic Youth Ministry Leadership Camp! Any youth interested in serving in youth ministry are encouraged to attend.

Dive In is a leadership camp organized right here in Alberta by youth ministry leaders from various corners of the province, along with the Vocations Office for the Archdiocese of Edmonton.  The camp exists to help train and form youth ages 14-17 with skills they can use in youth ministry including leading games, prayer, sharing their own stories, and sharing their faith with others.  The week includes a strong focus on each young person’s own prayer life, with the opportunity to attend daily Mass and adoration, quiet time in prayer, and other Catholic devotions.  It is also an experience filled with joy and community, reminding each young person that they aren’t alone on their journey of faith.

Dive In 2018 Registration Brochure

Thank you for your continued support! May God bless your summertime!

June 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy June! With June comes graduations, year-end parties, and the beginning of summer! HTYouth will be wrapping up our main youth programs for the year in June. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great stuff to keep youth involved this summer!

May was such a busy month, we didn’t even get a newsletter out! We had two of our parish youth programs wrap up for the summer, and ran some big and fun activities with the remaining groups.

The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys both wrapped up in May, but not before they completed their final apostolic service projects of the year. The Challenge Girls spent time in their meetings for the past while making rosaries. For their project, they prayed with those rosaries together with their dads.

The Conquest Boys supported the seminarians at St Joseph’s Seminary for their project, by bringing a pile of notes and prayers to them, from our parishioners. For their project day, the Boys visited the seminary and got a tour from our parish’s very own Jake Mullin!

Both the Boys and Girls had a fun evening of goodies and games for their Year-End Wrap Up. We look forward to seeing them again in the fall! We had our last Junior High Mega Night of the year in May as well. A whole pile of grade 6,7&8 youth joined us from SJPII, STA, and the parish for a night of chicken wings, Nerf wars, and prayer.

As for Life Teen, the high-schoolers joined us for a campfire at Chickakoo Lake and started a life night series on Mary, which we’ve continued into June. This Immaculata series has been an opportunity to learn about Christ and His Church through the lens of Mary, His mother. We’ll be finishing that series this month of June.

So far this June, Life Teen has been trucking through its Immaculata life night series. We’ve learned about Mary the New Eve, Mary the New Ark, and Mary the Tabernacle of the Lord. Our final night in the series is on Mary the Queen of Heaven. We’ll be talking about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, and the choices we make toward them. We’ve got a night all about choices for the teens, starting right at the beginning of the night!

As all things must come to an end, Life Teen will be wrapping up this month as well. After our series on Mary, we’ll have a Stress-Buster night for the exam stressed teens. We’ll end at 8:30pm, rather than 9pm, so that the teens can get some sleep. Life Teen has a classic messy games night prepared, with a slew of great messy contests. The hot pepper eating contest is making a come-back, along with some new games to challenge our teens’ courage and taste-buds. There will be baby food, paint, and too many t-shirts for one person to wear (even though we’ll try our best to fit them on one person).

After messy games comes the final life night of the year. We’re bringing back some Life Teen favourites, including the popular obstacle course tournament! Plus, there will be hotdogs! What more can we say? Grade 8 youth are invited to attend Life Teen for the remainder of the year, to get a preview for themselves in the fall!

In other news, HT Young Adults will be completing their Hot Topics study this month. They have two more meetings before they “break” for summer. And by “break” we mean start a Lord of the Rings movie study. This and more activities are planned for our youth this summer. Check out the announcements below for all of that info!

June 3 – Life Teen: Dwelling Place
June 7 – HT Young Adults: Hot Topics
June 10 – Life Teen: Eternal Crown
June 17 – Life Teen: Messy Games!
June 24 – Life Teen: Year-End Wrap Up
June 28 – HT Young Adults: Hot Topics

HTYouth’s Summer Ministry Activities! Join us for fun and fellowship this summer!
Sunday Fundays:
Who? Youth going into grades 7-12 and recently graduated youth. too.
When? July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th from 3:30-5:30pm
Where? Holy Trinity Parish
What? Afternoons of fun for all! We’ll have a water fight, movie afternoon, and more!

Ultimate Frisbee:
Who? Anyone
When? Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm
Where? Jubilee Park
What? Drop in Ultimate Frisbee games for youth of all ages! There will be Frisbee and slushes. what more could you ask for?

Life Teen Unleashed:
Who? Teens in grade 9-12
When? Wednesday afternoons from 1-3pm
Where? Holy Trinity Parish
What? Life Teen’s Unleashed Discipleship Groups are for mature teens searching for a way to become better disciples of Christ, and learn how to evangelize better. We’ll spend time talking and growing together.

HT Young Adults Lord of the Rings Movie Study:
Who? Adults aged 18-35
When? Friday evenings from 5:30-9:30pm (six sessions, starting July 6th)
Where? Holy Trinity Parish
What? HT Young Adults will be having some movie nights, alternating between watching The Lord of the Rings (extended editions, of course) and discussing the religious lessons to be learned in them. We’ll eat and watch/talk!

April 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy Easter! Christ is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

‘Nuff said.

Coming out of Lent in March and into Easter was a build up of so much activity turning into peace. It’s like driving up a big hill and reaching the top to see the horizon; or hiking a mountain to reach the top and see the beautiful landscape. Lent has been building, and Easter is the top of the mountain.

This was certainly true for March’s youth activities. Life Teen‘s Vigil Retreat and the Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Stations of the Cross project had a lot of build up throughout Lent, and both of them were beautiful successes.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Stations of the Cross was a project they’d been preparing for a while. The youth were joined by their families as they lead prayer for each of the stations. This project was a “living” Stations of the Cross, and for each station the Challenge and Conquest kids presented a still silhouette tableau behind a sheet. They worked hard planning and preparing their scenes, and used them in a beautiful way to lead prayer.

Life Teen’s Vigil Retreat also had a lot of build up, and not just from the planning perspective. The teens shared in our excitement as we continually invited them to join us for the big night. There was a lot of joy and relief when fifteen teenagers successfully stayed awake for a whole night of games, prayer, and reflection. We began with Exposition at 6:15pm, and ended with Benediction at 8:15am. Ask the teens, and they’ll tell you they had loads of fun! Fr Joselito was able to bookend our retreat, and gave his congratulations to our youth for the challenge they accomplished.

From the top of the mountain, you can see the road ahead! April marks the beginning of the end, as we have just a few more months in the ministry year. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more excitement ahead of us!

Challenge and Conquest will be starting the last series of their year this month. For this last series the Boys and Girls will be asking: What Does it Mean to be Catholic? In the Club Meetings answering that question, the Boys and Girls will also each be preparing for another project! There will be more information on those two projects coming out soon.

In our other groups, there will be another Junior High Mega Night in April as well, meaning there will be another fun opportunity for youth in grades 7&8 to come to the parish hall and learn about God’s covenant’s throughout history! HT Young Adults will be having a variety of activities for their next few meetings. Their April 5th meeting is a time to share Easter joy over cookies and milk. The future of HT Young Adults will be decided shortly, but it will always mean lots of time for fellowship and formation.

With Lent complete, Life Teen is continuing its semester on the Person of Christ, beginning with [Censored] a life night series on the “controversial Jesus”. Our culture has a perception of Jesus, which many times decides to cut or censor aspects of His identity. Since Jesus is the full revelation of God, we need to fully understand who Jesus us – even the parts that make us uncomfortable! All of our life nights in April will be devoted to this series. We’ll look at Jesus’ relationship with the poor and outcast; as well as Jesus’ identity as the Divine Healer, persecuted Christ, and Christ the King.

Of important note, Life Teen on April 8th will be at 4:30pm, following the Divine Mercy Sunday Chaplet and Mass at 3pm. Come pray for Divine Mercy with the parish and join us for Life Teen afterward!

Finally, the World Youth Day Pilgrims are going to be having a BBQ Lunch and Auction fundraiser on Sunday April 22nd, from 12pm to 4pm. There will be food, entertainment, and an opportunity to support Holy Trinity Parish’s WYD Pilgrims (by getting cool stuff, no less!) Look out for more announcements about this exciting event!

April 5 – HT Young Adults
April 8 – Life Teen: Beggar (at 4:30pm)
April 11 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 15 – Life Teen: Exorcist
April 18 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 19 – Junior High Mega Night
April 19 – HT Young Adults
April 22 – WYD BBQ Lunch & Auction Fundraiser
April 22 – Life Teen: Criminal
April 25 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
April 29 – Life Teen: King

Life Teen’s Spring Retreat is on May 11th-13th at OLVC. Forms and information will be posted on the youth bulletin board very soon!

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! It’s easy to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

March 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

A little late to the punch, here is March 2018’s HTYouth Newsletter! As we continue the season of Lent this March, we will be working to draw our parish’s youth closer to God, and to the beautiful gift that He’s given us in His Son.

As February has now completed, it is with much excitement that we share what our youth did last month, and what we have to look forward to in March!

The beginning for February seems so long ago! Life Teen kicked off its  semester  with a gigantic game of Quelf. We turned part of the parish hall into a big game board for it, and watched the teens doing silly games and tasks all the way through it! Life Teen began its new theme on The Person of Christ by focusing first one how we know that God exists, and that Jesus was a real figure in history. After that, they enjoyed the snow as they went sledding and skating at Spruce Grove Central Park.

Challenge and Conquest had two Club Meetings in February, beginning their nights for this season of Lent. The boys and girls learned about Confession, God’s mercy, and the difference between justice and mercy. Our Junior High Mega Night in February also focused on Lent, with it being the day after Ash Wednesday. Our small group reflected on Jesus’ 40 days in the desert, and the Church’s call to fasting, prayer, and alms-giving.

Finally, Holy Trinity’s 16th Annual Parish Youth Rally was a huge success! We were joined by youth from around the Edmonton area, with a total of 104 youth at the event. Fr Mario led us in reflection, calling the youth to do something beautiful for God and “Go and do likewise,” (Luke 10:37).We spent our day playing games, eating great food, and participating in Confession and the Mass. We finally ended our day with those 100+ youth and young adults adoring our God in the Holy Eucharist. Mission accomplished.

As for March, there are more opportunities for our youth and young adults to pray and grow this Lent. (Even with the events we’ve already done in this first week!) As we continue the season of Lent in March, many of our youth activities will be focused on the “reason for the season” – prayer, fasting, and alms giving.

HT Young Adults enjoyed some fellowship for their first meeting of the month. They will be having another meeting on Thursday March 22nd, with an opportunity for service and prayer as a young adult community. We’ll be doing our last meeting for Lent as it should be done! Holy Trinity’s Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Clubs will also be doing special service for Lent, as the Boys and Girls are preparing for their Lenten apostolic project on March 28th. This project is a “living” Stations of the Cross presentation for our families and parishioners. We will pray through the Stations of the Cross together at St John Paul II School, with the Boys and Girls presenting a silhouette tableau for each station.

There is another Junior High Mega Night this March. There will be games and fun, with the added bonus of learning more about God and His covenants! Youth in grades 7&8 are welcome to join us!

Life Teen has two life nights in March, with one past already. We are continuing our semester on the Person of Christ with Puzzled, a night on the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity and Emmanuel, a night on Jesus’ Incarnation and Hypostatic Union. With Puzzled already complete, the teens are looking forward to “Christmas in March”! We’ll have a Christmas tree with lights and presents, and delicious Christmas cookies. Since Emmanuel is our night on the incarnation, celebrated at Christmas, it just made sense. And who can say no to Christmas cookies! (Unless you gave up sweets for Lent…)

Life Teen will be doing something very special for Lent, as well. For this Palm Sunday, Holy Trinity’s Life Teens will be having their second ever Palm Sunday Vigil Retreat. We will be staying up all night praying and playing, and focusing on Jesus’ passion and death. The idea is for our youth to begin their Holy Week with intention! The teens will be living up to Jesus’ challenge to “Stay awake and pray…” (Mt 26:41), as the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed throughout the night.

Holy Trinity’s parishioners can join us in our prayer,too, since we’ll be starting our retreat with an Adoration holy hour directly after the 5 o’clock Mass. Youth, if you are interested, check out the registration form here:

All of our youth activities will be taking a break at the end of Lent. There is nothing we could do with our young people that would be better than what our Church celebrates at Holy Week and in the Triduum. We encourage all of our youth and young adults to attend these beautiful Masses. Check out the youth events calendar to make sure you don’t miss the events we are planning for this month!

March 1 – HT Young Adults
March 4 – Life Teen: Puzzled
March 15 – Junior High Mega Night
March 18 – Life Teen: Emmanuel
March 21 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
March 22 – HT Young Adults
March 24-25 – Life Teen’s Palm Sunday Vigil Retreat
March 28 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Apostolic Project

There will be no youth events during Holy Trinity’s Parish Mission from March 11th-14th. Check out the presentations by Fr Mario Fernandes OCD at the church!

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! It’s easy to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

February 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

One month of 2018 is complete! If the months go by this quick, we’ll be finished 2018 in no time. Don’t worry, there are a lot of youth activities in store this month and ahead. We always make the time count!

Take last month for example: It may have seemed to go by quickly, but there were many fun youth events that were enjoyed!

Our parish’s young adults had two meetings in January, covering the first half of their book study. HT Young Adults has been reading GK Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, and will continue to do so for this month as well. The book turned out to be an interesting one, with fantastical chase scenes, interesting characters, and much to think about! We have certainly found that its sub-title ,”A Nightmare”, certainly makes sense!

Challenge and Conquest have also had a full month, as Club Meetings started the week students were back to classes. Our month was spent focusing on the question: “How do I have a relationship with God?” We were especially asked how we can know God when we can’t “see” Him. The answer to answer that question: the Sacraments! The kids talked about Reconciliation, Mass, and Adoration last month, and even had time to talk about Mary and the Rosary too!

Life Teen finished off its first semester in January, with The Feast, a life night on the Book of Revelation and the Mass. The night gave a great opportunity to focus on the importance of the Mass in our faith, and of reverence while in church.

The teens had “Stressbusters”  for the other two life nights in January, helping them relax during their exam weeks. The teens had loads of fun playing Minute to Win It games on January 21st! They moved cotton balls with their noses, blew ping-pong balls up tables, and kicked their shoes onto tables. In the photo example here, teens transported skittles by sucking them up with a straw: 

The teens enjoyed their “prize” even more, when they all had the opportunity to put whipped cream in their poor youth minister’s face. And hair. And nose. Yes, I do have video evidence.  Between Minute to Win It and the board game night the following week, the teens had loads of fun, there’s no doubt about that.

Onto February, our promise of a full month looks to be able to come true! As mentioned already, HT Young Adults will be finishing their book study this February. We’ll have one of our super fun Junior High Mega Nights this month, as well.

Since Lent begins on Wednesday February 14th (yes, that is also Valentine’s Day), Challenge and Conquest will be starting their Lenten series’ this month. Beginning on Wednesday February 21st, the Boys and Girls will be asking what Lent is, why mercy is important, and why Jesus had to die for our sins. For this Lent Series, they’ll be building up to a special apostolic project in March (more on that later)!

Life Teen will be starting its new theme as well this month. We’ll be kicking off the new semester on the Person of Christ with a giant board game of “Quelf”, followed by an opportunity to submit questions about Jesus that will be addressed in the semester. Following that will be a life night all about the existence of God and the historicity of Jesus. It seemed apt to begin a semester on the Person of Christ with a night about how we know He is real! We’ll talk to the teens about arguments for the existence of God, and equip them for discussion in a secular world of atheism. The last life night of the month will be a winter fun night at Spruce Grove Central Park. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys had so much fun with it in December, that it seemed like a great idea to take the older teens out for some fun in the snow as well!

With all of those groups’ meetings, it looks to be such a full month. But there’s more!

The 16th Annual Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally, Something Beautiful for God, is on Saturday February 24th! This day looks like it will equally as full as this entire month is set to be! There will be presentations by Rev Mario Fernandes OCD, from Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre. There will be Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. And if all of those beautiful things were not enough, there will also be food, music, games, skits, and so much fun to be enjoyed!

Our parish’s grade 7-12 youth will be joined by others from Edmonton and across central Alberta for this amazing day. Registration forms are still available, and the t-shirt deadline has just been extended, giving youth more time to submit their forms and receive a t-shirt! Otherwise, registration is open up to and including the day off the event.

So there, I think we proved it! February is set to be a huge month for our parish’s youth and young adults. As we prepare for and enter Lent this month, know that we are praying for our young people! I hope to see them join us this month. Check out the ministry dates below:

February 1 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 9-12
February 4 – Life Teen: Semester 2 Kickoff!
February 11 – Life Teen: The Existence of God and Jesus
February 15 – Junior High Mega Night
February 15 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 13-15
February 18 – Life Teen: Winter Fun Social Night
February 21 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
February 24 – Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally: Something Beautiful for God
February 28 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

If you/your child is missing any registration forms for any youth ministry programs, please complete and return them as soon as possible.

Check out HTYouth’s Remind to receive messages and reminders straight to your mobile device! It’s easy to get connected. Text the code corresponding to the group you want to (289)270-0882. Life Teen:@bbcckh; Challenge/Conquest:@c94e38; HT Young Adults:@24ee6

January 2018 HTYouth Newsletter

Happy New Year! And, since we are still in its season, Merry Christmas!

As Holy Trinity Parish returns from the holiday break, the youth office as well begins preparing for the many youth activities set for this month. Check out our January Newsletter for info on what we’re up to this month… and beyond!

First, however, we’re going to take a retrospective look at last month (and now last year). Stores may have boxed up all of the Christmas items, but since the liturgical season of Christmas is not yet finished, there’s no harm in looking back for us.

Challenge and Conquest took their Christmas joy to the Spruce Grove Central Park this December. The beautiful lights, skating, and hot chocolate set a wonderful scene for their Christmas party. The Boys’ and Girls’ enjoyed skating, games in the park, hot dogs, and each other’s company in a fun evening before Christmas. The mayor of Spruce Grove stopped by on the way to the arena to say hi and take a photo!

The grade 7&8 youth at the December Juniour High Mega Night enjoyed some Christmas fun as well, making ginger-bread bible scenes. They enjoyed games and learned about the importance of Christmas!

HT Young Adults also had a Christmas social night, with a potluck dinner and music. The young adults had lots of food, sang songs together, and enjoyed some community together. One of our regularly attending young adults, Jeremy, brought a surprise for everyone to try: a virtual reality game system! Young adults had an opportunity to strap on the goggles and “go to another world”. It was interesting to have your senses immersed in something completely different, though you could still hear the giggles of the others while you ran around the room.

Life Teen had a busy December, finishing up its Alive and Dangerous life night series. Three of the four nights in the series were in December; there were nights on the substitutes and counterfeits to love, and on the life of one living for love. In Counterfeit, our life night on the counterfeits to love, we had a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Teens had the opportunity to debate which is the best love song ever, and learned about the misconceptions the world has on romantic love.

In the next, and final life night of the series (and year!), we discussed the life that is lived for love. Dangerous, a night on holiness, encouraged the teens to live a life that is holy and therefore dangerous to the status quo. The teens had a lesson on St Stephen, who gave a testimony in the face of persecution, and wrote their own testimonies to be able to share when they found opportunities to.

Life Teen will complete its semester on Sacred Scripture this month in a fitting way. The life night, titled The Feast, is on the Book of Revelation and will cover some of the many points brought up in it. We’ll particularly discuss the importance that Revelation puts on the Mass. Ending with the Mass, one of our young people’s main sources of Sacred Scripture, seems like an excellent way to end a semester on the Bible!

For the rest of the month, Life Teen will be having its classic Stressbuster Nights! As with every exam time, (Sorry! I said the E-word…), Life Teen will make its goal to give teens a break from studying and relieve some exam stress. Both of those nights will end a half hour sooner than usual, to get the teens home in time for a proper sleep before any exams they may have. Join us for both of those strictly fun nights!

Between the Book of Revelation and exam prep, the teens will be doing lots of reading this month. They won’t be the only ones, though! HT Young Adults will also be doing some reading this month with their book study of GK Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday. Our meeting in December introduced the book, and the Christmas break has given our young adults time to read up. We’ll be starting discussion on the first four chapters in our upcoming meeting, so there’s definitely time for anyone to join us!

Challenge and Conquest will also have fun things to do in January! The Boys and Girls will be starting a new question and answer series for the three weeks of club meetings in January. The grade 7&8 youth also have another Juniour High Mega Night to look forward to this month, on the fourth Thursday of the month rather than the third Thursday. Youth are encouraged to check out both of those groups this month!

Finally, the time is now approaching to start SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS about our upcoming Holy Trinity Parish Youth Rally on Saturday February 24th, 2018. Youth in grades 7-12 are invited to Something Beautiful for God, a full day of faith, fun, food, and more at our parish. Our speaker for the day is Father Mario Fernandes from the nearby Mount Carmel Spirituality Centre. Our parish has had a youth rally now for 15 years already, inviting youth from around the Edmonton area to join us. This 16th year is no different and is shaping up to be a great event for our youth to check out.

As with this and all of our youth activities, check out the youth board for forms and information!

January 11 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 1-4
January 14 – Life Teen: The Feast
January 17 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
January 21 – Life Teen: Stressbuster
January 24 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
January 25 – Juniour High Mega Night: God’s Covenant with Abraham
January 25 – HT Young Adults: The Man Who Was Thursday Chapters 5-8
January 28 – Life Teen: Stressbuster
January 31 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

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December 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

December has arrived, and with it has some the season of Advent! As the Church prepares for Christmas, the Church’s youth also have activities to help them prepare! Check out this month’s December HTYouth Newsletter for info on what we’ve been up to and what we’re preparing to do!


The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys both had successful apostolic service projects in November. The Boys had Mass and prayed a Rosary for all of the families who had signed up for the Travelling Shrine. The Girls had an absolutely lovely tea party for their moms and special guests, including entertainment by some of the Girls on the piano, and a song of blessing from all of the Girls. Thank you Boys and Girls for your work on these projects!

The high-school youth had a busy month as well! We had our Clue Night, and many teens attended the SEARCH retreat in St Albert. Life Teen also started a new four-part life night series titled Alive and Dangerous. The series focuses on God’s call for us to live a life of love – leading to a life fully alive. In Alive, the first night in the series, the we talked about the Mystery of the Trinity, and that we are made from love, by love, to love. The series continues off of this theme in the three life nights in December.

In other November news, the Juniour High Mega Nights have been continuing to gather steam. For their meeting in November, the grade 7&8 youth learned about Adam and Eve through an interactive skit and a video from the late, great Fr Mike “Catfish” Mireau!


As for December, there are only a few plans for the month, with Christmas coming around the corner!

Life Teen will be continuing it’s previously mentioned Alive and Dangerous series. Overfed Yet Starving, the life night that just passed this weekend, was on the substitutes for God’s love that we accept in our lives. It drove home the point that only Jesus can truly fulfill us. To start, the teens had a time of true community and recreation playing a game of “dodge-sock”. We ended the night with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, giving teens the opportunity to be with the God that truly satisfies them.

The next two life nights in December are titled Counterfeit, and Dangerous. Counterfeit is a life night about the counterfeits to love, specifically to romantic love. As introduced in the first night of the series, we’ll discuss how the image of the Holy Trinity gives a real meaning and direction to our human sexuality. The last life night in the series, Dangerous, takes all of the lessons of the series and directs them to the final point. To live a life that doesn’t accept the substitutes or counterfeits to real love, is to live a life that is fully alive, and very dangerous to the status quo. We’ll talk about the persecution that the early Christians experienced, and the necessity of being ready to give your testimony for why you act the way you do.

Other than Life Teen’s three nights of the month, there are only a few more activities for December. The Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys have only one meeting this month! Since the parish Advent Penitential Service is on Wednesday December 13th, we would like to encourage the Boys and Girls to attend it with their families. Our meeting on Wednesday December 20th will be a Christmas Party! More details will be out later this week with info on this super fun event.

For its two meetings of the month, HT Young Adults is going to be starting a book study. As a group that is designed to be variable, with discussion nights, movie nights, and more, book studies are a great way that our young adult group can grow in faith and community. Our last book study was of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. This time around, the young adults have yet to final decide on a book, but Mere Christianity by CS Lewis and A Man Called Thursday by GK Chesterton are both in the running for the groups read!

Speaking of young adults, the World Youth Day Pilgrims are planning a “Parents Night Out” Fundraiser on December 9th. The idea, which is brilliantly simple, is to have an evening of pizza, games, and a movie at the parish for children. For a small donation, families will be able to let there kids have a fun night at the church, and give parents a free night out! There are registration forms at Holy Trinity on the youth board, and more information available there!

Finally, grade 7&8 youth are invited to this month’s Juniour High Mega Night on Thursday December 21st. As we’ve been going through the Old Testament covenants, this month’s meeting will be on Noah. Naturally, there will be animal crackers and an animal themed game.  More importantly, there will be an opportunity to learn about God and His promises to His people!

That’s what we’re up to in December! Holy Trinity’s youth ministry will be taking a break for Christmas at the end of the month. We’ll be back with more fun and faith-filled events for youth and young adults in January! Until then, check out our calendar of activities for the month. We hope to see you there!

December 3 – Life Teen
December 7 – HT Young Adults
December 9 – WYD Parents’ Night Out Fundraiser
December 10 – Life Teen
December 17 – Life Teen
December 20 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Christmas Social
December 21 – Juniour High Mega Night
December 21 – HT Young Adults

If you want to support Holy Trinity’s youth ministry, please pray about how you can be involved. It may be in prayer, or in volunteering, or in any other ways you can think of. Our ministry is so well supported at our parish, and we can only be grateful for the support we’re given.

As mentioned, there will be no youth events after Christmas until early January. We wish everyone a blessed Advent, and a merry Christmas. Peace!

November 2017 HTYouth Newsletter

Peace! This November Newsletter is a little late off the start, but it is here nonetheless! There are some big things planned for this month all around, so we hope you’ll be able to join us for them! First, however, check out the cool stuff we did in October.

Some noteworthy youth activities to look back on from October include the completion of Life Teen’s Ex Tenebris Lux series, which was a four part series focusing on God’s self-revelation in Sacred Scripture. The last two parts of the series were on the progression of the Old Testament Covenants, and on the centrality of Jesus to our understanding of Scripture. We were happy to have Fr Jan join us for the last Life Night of the series, in which he spent some time talking to the teens and ended the night by blessing them with the Book of the Gospels!

We’ve been continuing the theme of Sacred Scripture, with last weeks Life Night focusing on the Psalms. Since we were talking about music, Life Teen had a little party, complete with a song lyric challenge (that the teens were very focused on, as you can see ->)

In other activities this month, the Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys were preparing for their apostolic service projects – which will come to fruition in this month! The Girls are working on a Chari-Tea Project, in which they will invite their mom’s for a night of tea and appreciation. The Boys are promoting Holy Trinity’s Traveling Shrine of Our Lady, and will be inviting parishioners to be involved and join them for Mass to start off the Traveling Shrine.

Holy Trinity also had its second Junior High Mega Night, which will be giving youth in grades 7&8 an opportunity to spend time together, and dive into Archbishop Richard Smith’s Pastoral Letter on the Word of God.

As for November, our programs will be having some really big and exciting events this month! The Challenge Girls’ and Conquest Boys’ apostolic projects will be coming to a climax this month, with the Boys’ Mass for the Traveling Shrine and the Girls’ Chari-Tea Party with their honoured guests. Both of those events will be on November 22nd.

Life Teen will be starting and ending its month with some regular Life Nights, which both bring Scripture to the teens. In between those nights, however, are some pretty big Life Teen events.

First off, Sunday November 12 will be Life Teen’s third ever Clue Night. The Clue Nights have been evenings of food, fun, skits, and mystery! As in years past, the core leaders will be in character as the suspects of a murder investigation, which the teens are tasked with solving! In the last Clue Night, our talented writer, Angela, turned our game into a “Murder in the Middle Ages”, complete with kings and princes! It was a lot of fun (as you can see to the left!) This time around she has re-imagined the usual Clue characters – giving us Mr. and Mrs. Burgandi rather than Ms. Scarlet, and Mrs. Nightingale rather than Mrs. Peacock. Teens, make sure to check out this really awesome Life Night!

The other big event that Life Teen has this month isn’t a Life Teen event. It’s the Fall SEARCH Retreat in St Albert on November 17th-19th. SEARCH is a completely unique retreat experience for youth aged 15 and up. It is a “search for Christian maturity” and is perfect for any youth seeking to grow in their faith. Holy Trinity Parish will be sending a group of teens to retreat that weekend, so if you or your youth have never been to a SEARCH, we highly recommend it. You can check out the information on the youth bulletin board at the back of the church.

November has other fun youth stuff planned, including another HT Young Adults meeting, and our monthly Junior High Mega Night. There will be a few visits to the grade 7&8 students at St Thomas Aquinas and St John Paul II schools as well, so look for us there! Otherwise, check out the full calendar for this month’s activities below! God bless you and your family this November!

November 2 – HT Young Adults
November 5 – Life Teen: Tweeting #Jesus
November 8 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
November 12 – Life Teen: Clue Night
November 15 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting
November 16 – Junior High Mega Night
November 16 – HT Young Adults
November 17-19 – St Albert SEARCH Retreat
November 22 – Challenge Girls Chari-Tea Project
November 22 – Conquest Boys Travelling Shrine of Our Lady Project
November 26 – Life Teen: Alive
November 29 – Challenge Girls and Conquest Boys Club Meeting

Our parish’s youth ministry is desperately in need of volunteers, especially women. Our programs cannot run without volunteers of both genders and currently only three adult women have gifted their time to our youth ministry. Our female youth need women leaders and role models! It does not matter your age; all that matters is your desire to serve God’s youth. If you are interested, please contact the office.